Introducing our first project, The Nest.

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One hundred years ago you could hop on an electrified rail car at the Rail Yards in Downtown Sacramento, ride over the I Street Bridge, and eventually make your way all the way to Oakland, where you could then reach San Francisco by ferry. To get there you would first travel South through West Sacramento and several stops along the way. One of these historic stops was called Jefferson Station, which we believe was in close proximity to what is now the Pheasant Club, but 100 years ago was used by UC Davis as an agronomy laboratory to test the ground for farming.

Today that rail line is better known as the Clarksburg Trail, a now partially paved trail that will eventually extend all the way to Clarksburg, providing amazing opportunities for recreation, agritourism, and alternative transportation. For our first project, we plan to reopen Jefferson Station, not as a rail station, but as the first rest station amenity on the trail, right behind the Southport Town Center — a vacant site that could serve as the perfect convening point for the community to enjoy these many community assets as well as serve as an amenity to employees, students, and residents that live, work, and play in the area. To view a recent community presentation, click here.


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